SI (Spearfishing Instructors) is an established global Spearfishing Education Organization; it is the first ever of its kind, specialized, strictly Spearfishing Education Organization, aiming to provide high quality training and education services to Spearos around the world.

Our main objective is to give to our instructors all the tools and methods needed in order to be able to teach effectively the art of Freediving Spearfishing. We aim to form better, stronger, well rounded and well educated Spearos for recreational or competitive spearfishing, through providing the highest level of Spearfishing education and experience available on the market.

SI grew out of the passion of a few avid Spearfishing Champions and Freediving Instructors Trainers, who are intent on making it possible for anyone to learn how to spearfish. SI addresses to all levels of Spearos, from beginner to advanced, from recreational to professional. Special stages for VIPs, electronic device applications, competitive spearfishing, deep spearfishing, variable weight use etc, are targeting to cover every need of the modern Freediver Spearfisher who wants to rapidly develop in the sport.
In addition to all existing Freediving Spearfishing education programs, most of the teaching and training in SI system Alpha-Omega is open water oriented, emphasizing in real action conditions, on boats and in solid safety due to our  safety protocols.

SI Education Material is translated in English, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic aiming to Spearos all around the world. It is a collection of knowledge, training, teaching and spearfishing experience in all three Oceans the last 30 years!

For more details regarding the Spearfishing Instructors responsible for your area and the dates of the next Instructors Course, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reaching our initial set milestones, we recently upgraded our logo and name by simplifying them in order to comply with our website and our future goals.

Our instructors family constantly grows with champions and experienced trainers. 
SI is clearly the name to trust in the Spearfishing World. Join our family and Max up your skills!