Coming from the Prefecture of Lasithi, Crete, Greece, he begun his contact with the water at the age of 12, as a water polo athlete of N.O.A.N. (Nautical Club of Agios Nikolaos), with many participations at competitive level all over Greece. His love for the underwater world of the sea led him to engage in Freediving and Spearfishing, where with continuous seminars and activities he deepens his knowledge in matters of safety and efficiency. Since 2021 he is a CMAS Freediving Instructor Level 1*, while in 2023 he aquired the first level Spearfishing Instructor * SI certificate. His aim is for more and more people to get to know and love underwater activities with one breath, learning to practice them safely and with respect for the environment, thus improving their quality of life.


  • Graduate of the Police School of the Hellenic Police
  • CMAS Freediver Level 1*
  • SI Spearfishing Instructor*



  • Participation in the A2 category of the Panhellenic water polo championship with N.O.A.N. (Nautical Club of Agios Nikolaos)
  • 5th place in the Winter Panhellenic Freediving Championship 2023
  • 8th place at the 2024 Winter Intercollegiate Freediving Championships