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Manolis is a passionate and driven individual who is motivated by problem solving, breaking new ground, and embracing challenge. He has sought out and thrived in challenging situations, from competing professionally as a world class Freediver and Spearo to creating and directing the business operations of the flourishing organizations, Freediving Spearfishing WorldWide and Spearfishing Instructors. In the past 20 years he has trained and certified thousands of athletes, recreational Freedivers/Spearos and Freediving/Spearfishing Instructors alike in many dive locations around the world.


  • Spearfishing Instructor Trainer and founder of the certifying educational organization for underwater hunting S.I. Spearfishing Instructors.
  • Freediving Instructor Trainer and Spearfishing Instructor Trainer of E.O.Y.D.A.
  • CMAS *** Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activities & Sportfishing.
  • Freediving Instructor of APNEA ACADEMY, FDI and AIDA International.
  • CPR, AED & Basic Life Support Instructor Trainer/ ΕΕΚΑΑ.



  • Freediving champion in all depth and pool disciplines. 29 greek record holder.
  • International champion in underwater hunting (1st place in Euro-African Spearfishing Championship 2013, 1st place in Teams World Championship 2016, 1st place in Teams World Championship 2022, 1st place in VI Open International isla de Tenerife 2022).
  • Greek Spearfishing champion (Individual 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2022), (Teams 2010, 2013). 


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