Taking SII courses is a unique, emotional and rewarding experience. With the proper guidance of my instructors, I am, for sure, a more confident spearo who is able to hunt in a more safe, but also productive way.

Rodolfo Pacheco

SII courses are a must for every spearo who wants to be mindful of the underwater environment and therefore successful in his hunts.

Labros Arabatzis

As a certified freediver, I tried spearfishing on my own for 4 months, thinking that I can easily improve over time. After taking an SII course, I was a better spearo. Spotting appropriate-sized preys became my second nature. My u/w hunting became more efficient in a fun, yet relaxing and safe way.

Ibrahim Chalhoub

SII was definitely one of the best choices I made in my spearfishing journey. Not only I was taught effectively how to teach to other people my passion, but I also had the privilege to do it next to a team of legends that I can now proudly call them my team and friends.