Spearfishing Instructors International

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Discover spearfishing, become an advanced or Pro spearo with Spearfishing Instructors International
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Become a SII Instructor with the topmost standards
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VIP personal Training / Buddy Coaching, Freediving Training applied to Spearfishing, Deep Spearfishing, Variable Weights, Blue Water Hunting, Competitive Spearfishing, Fish Finder / GPS use and applications, Speargun Workshop, Target Shooting
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Go from where you are to where you want to be

Join Spearfishing Instructors International and upgrade your skills. Enjoy the underwater world with safety and become a spearfishing instructor


Our Courses

Learn the principals, philosophy, essential gear and basic techniques of the sport.
For the spearo who already has a basic spearfishing experience, skills and knowledge and wants to take them to the next level.
For qualified SII Advanced Spearos (**) or for persons recommended (interview required for the skills and performance).
For qualified SII MASTER SPEAROS, or recommended Freediving Instructors and Spearfishing Champions/Experts.
For SII instructors, who have gained a certain level of experience, by training and certifying over 120 spearos. A SII HI candidate has to also pass physical and performance tests.

I was looking for an educational system through which I could learn how to best teach spearfishing. The structure of the courses, all of the guidelines, training materials and of course Manolis and Vassilis’ respective experience have made me now feel very confident in my spearfishing instruction.

Giovanni Bianco

As a certified freediver, I tried spearfishing on my own for 4 months, thinking that I can easily improve over time. After taking an SII course, I was a better spearo. Spotting appropriate-sized preys became my second nature. My u/w hunting became more efficient in a fun, yet relaxing and safe way.

Ibrahim Chalhoub

As an SII certified spearfishing instructor, it brings me joy to guide people to connect with the marine environment in an intuitive way and help them discover their inner universe of self-awareness, their subconscious and inner peace and joy, the same way I do through my spearfishing philosophy.

Borislav Tonchev

Spearfishing is my favorite way to get active. SII showed me how to forage on a single breath of air and have the utmost respect for the underwater ecosystem.

Christoforos Chaidas